Westside road is legendary with the local sport bike crowd. It runs up the westside of Lake Okanagan and ends in Vernon. The road starts off wide and the first few kilometers are smooth and wide then it narrows and follows the shoreline of the lake with many sharp curves and narrow lanes. The road gets rougher and narrower as you travel north, there's little room for error. From our shop head towards Kelowna and take the Westside Road exit just past Friend's Pub.

There's no fuel until you reach the northern section near Vernon, if you want to stop for food Lake Okanagan Resort is about half way, A better choice is Historic O'keefe Ranch on the left just before you connect with Hwy. 97 near Vernon. Turn right on Hwy. 97 to head back to Kelowna.

If you want to avoid the traffic in Vernon when reach the point on Hwy. 97 where it veers about 90 degrees left take the cut off (to the right) on Old Kamloops Road. This will take you behind Swan Lake and into Vernon's town centre. When you hit 30th Avenue you will have to turn left, 30th Avenue will intersect with Hwy 97, turn right again and stay on 97 back to Kelowna. For a better bike route you can turn right off 30th on 34th Street you'll know your heading the right way if you pass an ESSO station and climb a steep hill. This leads to a nice twisty section of road that heads toward Predator Ridge Golf Course. When you come to a three way intersection turn left on Bailey Rd. back to Hwy 97. At 97 turn right to head back to Kelowna.

Jeff Kumagai, 
Freelance Motorcycle Rider