Season's Finale

Season's Finale

bridgeAs my 2012 riding season came to a close (the last weekend my bike was insured) I was looking for one more day ride. I remembered the Fraser Canyon ride and Hwy 8 from Spences Bridge as two roads that never got old so I set out to see what I could find. I Headed north on Westside road until it intersected with Hwy 97 and continued north passing through Falkland and Monte Lake. Depending on the time of day you pass the Cafe in Falkland is a good place for breakfast or coffee the pub across the road is a popular stop for riders. A short distance past Monte Lake I took a left on Barnhartvale Road, a popular motorcycle route, and followed it until it intersected with Hwy 1 West.

Hwy 1 is not a favorite piece of highway but it’s the only way pass Kamloops to Cache Creek, if you need fuel or food there are lot’s of choices along this route. Fortunately most of the roads on this adventure make up for the short highway jaunts. At Cache Creek you’ll take Hwy 1 South and follow the canyon and Thompson River, without  a doubt one of the most scenic highways in BC. On this trip I couldn’t resist a side trip into Walhachin BC as an excuse to get off the highway, apparently they have a museum but I couldn’t find it, it’s a dead end road with a cool vintage 1911 bridge and not much else, but still worth the diversion in my opinion. Who knows when you’ll get there again. Back on highway I headed south to Spences Bridge where I discovered the Log Cabin Pub with a decor that I would describe as rustic/biker, not the kind of place you want to show up in a minivan but with friendly staff and cool atmosphere it’s worth a look if you need a break.

If you haven’t ridden Hwy 8 between Spences Bridge and Merrit you’re in for a treat, it’s great piece of tarmac not to be missed and a favorite amongst many riders. I am not a fan of riding 97C A.K.A, the connector, back to Kelowna but by the time you reach Merrit it will be time to head home, gas up and if you want great pie and coffee stop at the Home Style Restaurant, rated 4 stars on Trip Advisor, I personally recommend their Club House sandwich. This ride takes most of the day. there is an alternative route through Ashcroft to Merrit as well. This was a great last ride of the season for me, but a great day ride anytime!

Jeff Kumagai
Freelance Motorcycle Rider