Jul 07, 2011

2011 BMW S1000RR STAFF RIDER REPORT - It’s easy to quote facts and figures; we all know the BMW S1000RR is the most powerful production bike ever, but what’s it really like to ride, on Okanagan roads not the track, by normal mortals not racers or professional testers?
Honestly, it is the easiest sport bike to ride and is hugely confidence inspiring at any speed. The power is on tap instantly at any RPM, the Race ABS equipped brakes are immensely strong yet have plenty of feel making the bike remarkably easy to trail brake deep into corners and of course with the Dynamic Traction Control, you can get back on the gas, hard, much earlier than you thought possible.
It’s very user friendly; in typical BMW style, the controls are smooth and positive in operation, the dash gives all the useful information and the mirrors work. The bike is comfortable in all conditions except maybe dawdling through towns like any sport bike.
If you still think BMW only make quirky roadsters and high end sport-touring bikes, you really owe it to yourself to try one, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And with many years on sport bikes and after riding the BMW S1000RR, would I put my money where my mouth is and buy one? I just did!

Chris Backhouse, Service Manager, Bentley Motorrad, Personal Ride - 2011 BMW S1000RR

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Jul 05, 2011

THANKS, DUCATI USERS CLUB OF WESTERN CANADA - for stopping by last weekend and checking out our new shop. Great to see the club is growing and so many members were able to attend the rally at 3 Valley Gap. We look forward to seeing you all again!

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Jun 28, 2011

WE LOVE GREAT RIDING GEAR AND RE'VIT MAKES SOME OF THE BEST - Anyone serious about riding and the gear they choose should have a look at Rev'it's line of clothing. They have some of the most fashionable and versatile jackets and pants with a great european look. We are now stocking some of their most popular styles. Come have a look.

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Jun 22, 2011

DUCATI DIAVEL STAFF RIDER REPORT - It's as much a ride as it is an experience! Ducati really got it right when they brought the Diavel to market. The numbers (162 Horsepower) don't begin to describe the power of this bike and how it delivers it. I tried the different engine management setting but "Sport" is the setting for me the power at this setting is addictive. Even with the 240 back tire the bike swallows up all but the tightest corners and the engine will slingshot you out of turns like nothing else you've ridden. The power is instant, when you turn the throttle better lean forward and hang on. As for brakes, it's a Ducati and it's stop like right now. For me the bar position is nearly perfect and allowed me to lean forward into the bike through the curves on Westside road and sit back through town and watch heads turn as I rumbled by. Everyone wants to catch a look at this bike, if they don't see it they will certainly hear it and feel it. Ducati's using a wet clutch in the Diavel a quieter alternative to the dry clutched Superbikes. The exhaust note with the stock exhaust is extraordinary by todays noise standards. At roughly 460lbs the bikes power to weight ratio sets this power cruiser apart from it's apparent competitors. If I could change one thing on the bike I would go with the higher seat to improve my leg position. One ride on the Diavel will convert a lot of skeptics who think this is not a real Ducati. It makes it possible for a lot more people to enjoy the Ducati experience. The MSRP on a 2011 Diavel is $18,995.00 a great price for a bike that offers so much performance and attutude.

 Jeff Kumagai - Bentley Motorrad Sales. Personal Bike is R1200GS Adventure.

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Jun 17, 2011

Ducati Test Ride Day - We want to thank all of you that turned out on June 16th to experience our Ducati Test Ride Day! The cool weather didn't deter anyone from have a good time. The Diavel surprised a lot of riders with it's amazing engine and handling. Truly a bike in a class of it's own. The Mulitstada was also a favorite for those who want a touring bike but don't want to sacrifice performance or handling. If you missed the ride, call us and we'll do our best to get you on the bike of your choice.

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Jun 15, 2011

Heidenau Tire Report - The long anticipated 150/70B17 K60 Scout arrived on May 26th and one of our customers has already returned from a 9,000 km trip to Alaska using the K60 front and rear. Don Floyd averaged 96 kph on his BMW R1200GS Adventure loaded with his tent, clothes and camping gear for the 11 day trip. Because of the mid-night sun, Don was able to ride well into the evenings. He said, “The tires handled the gravel at 120 kph, had grip to spare on the chip-seal and wet roads and overall, provided amazing handling in all conditions. The rear has ¼” of tread remaining and front is only half worn.” 

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Jun 11, 2011

It's been an exciting week around the shop with our first shipment of Ducati's now on the floor. The new Monster 1100EVO looks fantastic along side the 848 and 1198SP Superbikes. We also have a Matte Black Hypermotard 796. And then there's the Diavel, this bike is in a class by itself, you have to see it (and ride it). But be aware once you do, you will want it. Bolognese dialect: “Ignurànt comm’ al diavel!” Meaning: “Evil, like the devil!”

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Jun 09, 2011

Hi Scott,

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Sorry it's taken a bit to email you with my testimonial. Since I returned I have been focused on my number one priority......scrubbing in my new tires!! By the way I LOVE the bike!

"I recently purchased a Triumph Daytona 675R from Bentley Motorrad in West Kelowna and I could not have been more impressed with the service, knowledge, facilities or the attitude of all of the team members.  The sales associate I spoke with was James Buchanan and he was fantastic! He knew everything about the bike, its performance and how it differs from the Daytona 675 (which I already owned).  He showed a passion for the bike and the brand and was able to promote the bike without being pushy or over enthusiastic.

Once I decided to go ahead with the purchase I met with Paule Gingras to discuss financing and sort out all of the finer details of the purchase.  Immediately there were some obstacles surrounding the purchase of the bike in BC and insuring it in AB; however Paule was calm and got to work figuring out a solution so that I could take the bike from the dealership that day!  Paule kept me informed during every stage of financing from application to approval, was flexible in finding a solution to my insurance issue and very thorough.  Paule was a delight to deal with.

While I was waiting in the dealership for the bike to be prepped and the paperwork to be finalized I was able to enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the motoGP in the lounge area. Three tv's, leather couches and the piece de resistance.....the massage chair.  I nearly fell asleep I was so relaxed!  The facilities are excellent and show of the bikes so well that it's hard to resist.

What also impressed me was how friendly all of the team members were.  The moment I walked in the door there were people welcoming me and offering to help.  The owner Scott Bentley even came out and introduced himself and made me feel very welcome.  You could sense the passion for biking in each and every one of the team members.

I had a great experience and I would recommend purchasing a bike from Bentley Motorrad to anyone!  It was fun, easy, exciting."

Talk with you soon and say hi to everyone there for me.

Clare Graham

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Jun 08, 2011

Just a reminder that our Ducati Test Ride Day is approaching fast. Thursday June 16th, 2011. Sign up now for the Ride of your Life! Diavel's Monsters, Multi's, Superbikes. Call to book! Space is limited!

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Jun 03, 2011

We are expecting our first shipment of Ducati's any day now. Pricing will be updated on our website as soon!

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